Shadow fight 2 all weapons and magic

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Shadow fight 2 all weapons and magic

Shadow fight 2 mod apk all weapons unlocked: Hii Gamers, today I am present with an another new and exciting mod that is ed. In this Mod file you will get all the weapons unlocked and many more.

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It is the one of the best fighting game included Adventure, thrill, and lots of Martial Art trainer are also in this Game. They also persoms Martial Arts technique. It is very popular among the Childrens Nowadays and have lots of Downloads.

That shows the love of the peoples toward this Games. Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod apk. So, today I am going to give you this Mod apk. You can also check out our other articles and download the mods of other games like Subway Surfer, 8 ball pool etc. Features of the Mod apk:. Hay day mod apk unlimited diamond free Download.

Subway Surfer Latest Mod apk Download. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Action Shadow fight 2 mod apk all Weapons Unlocked. Legacy v5. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!And we are developed shadow fight 2 mod apk for a gamer like you. The game released on October 9,for the first time, while the game subsequently released worldwide on May 1,on both Android and iOS platforms. And on January 27,Nekki released it on Windows 8 and 8.

The Shadow was once a powerful fighter, but his arrogance led him to challenge the rules set by his ancestors and opened the Shadows. In this way, he realized his mistake, but it was too late. The Shadow lost her body and soul and became a mere shadow of her former self. The Shadow must defeat all the demons and claim their seals to re-seal the Shadows.

After all the demon seals harvested. The Shadow must defeat the demons that have teams together to stop the shadow from closing doors again. If you love to play this game then you may also like to play Shadow fight 3 and here is shadow fight 3 mod. Generate Download Link Shadow Fight 2 v2. The shadow and the May can close the doors, but Titan pulls the door, which marks the beginning of the law of interdict. The player must defeat all bosses again to break the gaskets and reopen the gates to save May.

The Interlude is as long as a single law. The player beats many characters before they fight with Titan. After you defeated all his bodyguards, Titan calls May that is under the influence of his mental control. After the Shadow defeats her and releases her mind, she sends it through the doors. Then proceed to fight with Titan in the final battle. It makes his entire body disintegrate. The shadow comes out of the explosion and returns through the doors that collapse into his world.

A tearful mom, who is waiting for her performance gets surprised to see that she has recovered her physical body. They embrace it and leave the horizon, returning to their home. We see a mysterious shadow slip on the ground from the collapse of the Gates. Eventually, the Guns and Magic buttons will be available for use. You have to use your energy to enter any combat; players cannot fight unless they have more energy.

To get into a fight, use your full energy. The player can have up to 5 power at a time. The energy will fill within every 10 minutes. The player can also replenish the heat, watch a video to gain energy or pay five gems to fill all the power.Shadow Fight 2 is being frequently updated by Nekki.

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Updates are usually to add new features, new bossesalter the gameplay and fix bugs. Sometimes, updates are made in-game and not released as a new version. In this update you'll see: Content: - The New Year is here! Not only await you new equipment and a unique weapon from Festivus, but also a nice gift! Better hurry!

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk [Unlimited Everything] and Max Level

Optimization: - Minor bug fixes. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article refers to List of Updates in Shadow Fight 2. For other uses, see List of Updates disambiguation. Daily, doesn't need Internet connection, unlike its current counterpart: Duel. If player tries to make a purchase without an Internet connection.

shadow fight 2 all weapons and magic

Kenji appears, if the player updates the game from an older version. Magic and ranged weapons are now available. Ranged weapons are limited, but so powerful, magic has much faster reload speed, but much weaker. Categories :. Fighters are fought everywhere. Daily Battle exists instead of Duel. Daily battles are locked for 24 hours after a fight.

The player chooses the enemy limit in survival. The Boss battle reward and difficulty can be seen. Only Lynx is available as a boss.

Butcher: Coming Soon. There will be an announcement to the player when content is downloaded succesfully. Survival is now 10 rounds fixedplayers win more money for each round they won. Wasp Coming Soon. New location and boss: Wasp New upgrade weapons and armor at the store New weapons, armor and helmets Wasp has been added Kenji challenges the players, if they update the game from an older version.

Huntress : Coming Soon. New location and the boss: Widow The magic and ranged weapons are now available Reworked benefits New weapons, armor and helmets.

shadow fight 2 all weapons and magic

Huntress has been renamed as Widow Widow has been added Magic and Ranged weapons are added Magic are reloaded faster but have a weak attack. Ranged Weapons are limited but have a powerful attack.Unavailable Known Items are pieces of equipment in Shadow Fight 2 that cannot be legitimately obtained by the player. Lynx's Bodyguard.

Shogun's Bodyguards. Bosses and certain fighters and bodyguards equip themselves with various custom armors and helms, such as:. Shogun uses a kabuto similar to coin-store bought ones in the game, but is different in angles in designs.

Special perks used by demons and eternals. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. They have the same moves as Knivesbut with a different appearance. Thorn and a ninja wield this weapons. Crusher: Crusher operates ditto to most two-handed weapons like the Dadao.

Crusher is also one of the random weapons duels during and after Interlude. Sawblade: A unique weapon with its stance and moves completely different from any known weapons. It has long range, very fast movements and high mobility. Also used by a ninja. The Kunai are actually a ranged weapon that can be wielded by the player; it cannot, however, be used as a melee weapon. Puma's Sentinel Kusarigama: Puma's Kusarigama is another visual variant of the Kusarigama that has a teethed sickle and a claw for its tail.

Shogun's Bodyguards Corporal's Jumonji Yari: Shogun's first bodyguard Corporal wields a Yari with a pair of curved blades around its central blade. Its functioning is like Yari. Captain's Odachi: It is a long sword that is a regular two-handed weapon in its functioning much like the Dadao. It looks like a giant katana, despite possessing different movesets. Colonel's Bisento: A Naginata with a large blade, functions just like any Naginata seen earlier in the game.

General's Glaive: General uses a Glaive that has an appearance of two swords conjoined at the end of their handles. The mercenaries: The third mercenary uses the same Dual Wakizashi as Major. The fourth mercenary uses Claws with function identical to Lynx's Claws. They are thinner and spikier in appearance.

The fifth mercenary uses Spiked Axes. They works the same as Mowers though with a bit longer range. They function just like the Shuang Gou albeit with a much longer range. Titan's Desolator : A giant sword used by Titan. The sword is so huge and heavy that no one but Titan can use it. Even Titan himself is having difficulty swinging the sword due to its weight. Despite its name, Revival Naginata functions like Two-handed Weapons. Dragon Knives: The weapon of the Dragon Set.

It functions exactly like the Knives. It is a sword that has long range, very fast movements and high mobility. Armors and Helms Bosses and certain fighters and bodyguards equip themselves with various custom armors and helms, such as: Hermit uses the conical hat, but instead has visible hair under the hat. Dragon Boomerang: The ranged weapons of Dragon Set. They function similar to Chakram.It is unlocked after defeating Lynx.

Most of them can be bought with either coins or gemsbut super ranged weapons with enchantments can only be bought with gems.

Ranged weapons cannot be blocked, but maybe dodged by ducking, rolling forward, or rolling backward. There are two types of ranged weapons available in the shop: standard ranged weapons and super ranged weapons. Standard ranged weapons can be bought with either coins or gems, and can be upgraded to a higher level using coins. They do not have enchantments. Super ranged weapons can only be bought with gems.

Unlike weapons, armors and helms, super ranged weapons can be upgraded to the next level using coins, as long as there is no new ranged weapon unlocked in the shop. Almost every super ranged weapons comes with enchantments.

When bought, the level and enchantment power of a super ranged weapon automatically scales to the player's current level. These are ranged weapons of unique equipment sets.

They carry Mythical enchantments and collecting these ranged weapons is necessary to unlock their respective enchantments. These are ranged weapons that are available during special days and events. Some of them are available at the shop in the Special Edition. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article refers to Ranged Weapon in Shadow Fight 2. For other uses, see Ranged Weapon disambiguation. Contents [ show ]. More in. Categories :. Time Bomb. Bloodrage Tempest Rage.

Ascension Underworld. Typhoon of Spirits. Morgana or Spider Chest Halloween and Special.

shadow fight 2 all weapons and magic

Mystical Chest Halloween Special. Chest of Nightmares Halloween Special.

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Gingerbread Chest New Year Special. Casket of Fate Valentine's Day Special. Dragon's Chest Lunar New Year set.If you are looking for a unique fighting game on mobile, Shadow Fight 2 MOD, Unlimited Money will be a great choice at the present time.

Although it is an old name, the appeal and interestingness that it brings to the user experience are undeniable. The game was built by the publisher Nekki and was officially launched on the mobile platform in With this version, the game has been improved and updated with many new features. It brings new challenges, new characters, and especially significantly graphical evolution.

With unique gameplay and classic shadow graphics, Shadow Fight 2 seemed to be a bright star on the gaming market at the time. Currently, similar products such as Shadow Fight 3 cannot beat the popularity of Shadow Fight 2.

So what is this game special about? With the mobile fighting genre, Shadow Fight 2 allows players to become a talented ninja and fight the army of demons.

In the dark feudal era of Japan, you are chosen to be a hero to save the world of Shadow Fight 2. To complete this mission, you must overcome many different levels of the game. First of all, the player must fight different types of enemies in the battle of Hell. The ultimate goal is to close the Dark Door to prevent the demon army from attacking the world. Through 6 different levels, players will improve their skills and upgrade weapons to become stronger. However, to upgrade the power and continue the journey, you must win all the levels that you join.

In the lower-left corner of the screen, the set of direction keys will help you control the character to move left, right or any direction in each given situation. Meanwhile, skill buttons such as punching, kicking, jumping, darts, and magic are integrated into the lower right corner of the screen. In particular, players can fully combine using multiple skill buttons at the same time to create a continuous sequence of actions.

The important thing is that you need to know how to use them properly to help your character out of danger or attack and destroy opponents. Keep in mind that magic attacks will deal far greater damage than the normal attacks and the black magic of the opponent is something you need to avoid. Shadow Fight 2 has many notable differences compared to other games of the same genre on the current market. It has fairly slow gameplay but requires precision in each battle operation.

In particular, in Shadow Fight 2, weapons are the most important tool and a prerequisite for players to win at each level. The weapon system consists of two main types: light weapons and heavy weapons. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to learn about them before deciding to use them. For light weapons, its best advantage is to deal damage to opponents with extremely fast speed, however, the amount of damage caused is quite low.

In contrast, heavy weapons can deal enormous amounts of damage, but it will take longer to contact enemies. It can be seen that weapons are important, but the wise decisions of players in each situation are what make the final victory. They can be collected and accumulated after the player has won a level.

In addition, for diamonds, you can also buy it at the in-app store or view the integrated ad. However, if you want to own them for free, download the game via the APK link below. In-game coins and diamonds can be used to buy new armor and weapons.

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But instead, you can also use them to upgrade weapons. This will help them stronger and create certain advantages before the next matches. While other fighting games focus on display quality, Shadow Fight 2 pays more attention to the gameplay and the quality of the player experience. In the game, the characters are only displayed under the black shadow in all matches through each level. Despite such simple graphics, this has inadvertently made the game unique in the market.

This seems to be the very own graphic style of Shadow Fight 2 from the publisher Nekki. Shadow Fight 2 is always at the top of the best games in the fighting genre.Enchantments are bonuses found on melee weaponsarmorhelmsranged weapons and magic in Shadow Fight 2. Each enchantment has its own unique effect on the item, which gives the player a certain advantage in fights. There are three ways of obtaining enchantments:. The Forge is a section in the shop that allows the players to enchant any equipment pieces using Shadow Orbs.

This section becomes available in Act IIafter the player beats one Tournament stage and makes an upgrade to any armor. However, there is no certainty as to which enchantment they might receive. There are a total of 25 enchantments in the game, of which 8 are simple, 9 are medium, 2 are mythical, 2 are mythical but unimplemented Searing Luminary and Stone Fettersone is unobtainable through The Forge but available on some special items Critical Protection2 are completely unavailable to the player Shocking Strike and Static Chargeand one appears only during certain challenges and stages Burning.

The available enchantments can be forged from three recipes: Simple, Medium, and Mythical Recipes. After an enchantment forging is started, the player must wait a certain amount of time before the enchantment is ready. The waiting time varies depending on the complexity of the recipe, and it can be skipped using 5 gems.

Only one item can be forged at a time, so the player cannot begin enchanting any items before the current forging process is completed, if any. Whenever an item is enchanted with a Simple or Medium recipe, any previous Simple or Medium enchantments on that item irreversibly disappear and are replaced with the new enchantment. Simple recipes are the first kind of recipe available to the player for forging enchantments.

They require only Green Shadow Orbs to forge and take 20 minutes to complete, the shortest wait duration among all recipes. Medium recipes, the second type of recipes, utilize Red Orbs as well as Green Orbs to forge enchantments. These enchantments are more powerful than the simple recipes. They require 1 hour and 20 minutes to be forged.

Different from the other recipes, they cannot be forged until the player obtains all pieces of equipment from a Mythical Equipment Setwhich can be done from either Ascension or raids. Mythical enchantments do not replace existing Simple or Medium recipes. In order to use a Mythical enchantment in battle, the player must enter a battle wearing a weapon, armor, helm, ranged weapon, and magic all enchanted with the same Mythical enchantment.

The enchantment works after the player is disarmed, but challenge rules that disable or modify the player's weapon also disable Mythical enchantments for the affected rounds.

Unlike the Simple and Medium enchantments, Mythical enchantments require the player to deliver multiple strikes in order to trigger the effect, and are guaranteed to trigger when fully charged.


Player hits that bypass enemy blocks through the Block Breaker perk do not count toward charging the effect or activating it. The Enchantments for the Mythical Recipes are:. Extent of this reduction depends on the power of this enchantment. This enchantment was only available on two helms: the Iron Mask, which can only be bought from the 1. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. There are three ways of obtaining enchantments: Purchasing items that can only be bought with gems ; these items are already enchanted most of the time. Manually enchanting items through the Forge. Winning fights against particular enemies or participating in certain game modes may reward the player with special items that come with enchantments. Contents [ show ]. The message showing the required shadow orbs and forging time, appears as a confirmation before starting the forging process.

An item with enchantment. The players can tap the enchantment icon to check its description. More in. Daisho enchantments 3 messages. Applying mythical recipe will not affect this. Wow TZ.


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